Rotorua Giant 2W Gravity Enduro Series Races

The Rotorua Giant 2W Gravity Enduro Series races are events for everyone young to old, who loves riding their Mountain bikes, cruising up the hills and racing down. They draw in the riders who seek to have fun and hone their skills on flowing downhill trails.

Race 1 kicks off on 16 Oct 2021, followed by race 2 on 27 Nov 2021 then race 3 of 19 & 20 Feb 2022. Distinction Rotorua Hotel are pleased to be able to offer competitors and supporters great value accommodation as well as secure and complimentary mountain bike facilities at the hotel.
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The beauty of these events is that the podium places are a battleground that can see a cross-country machine, passionate Enduro rider, mad downhill rider,  or even social weekend warrior push to the front.  Skills, fitness and tactics play an equal role in the execution of each ‘Race Stage’ timed run over the course of the event to decide who will be crowned Gravity Enduro champions.

Encouraging riders to develop their fitness and skills through the season, each event will get progressively a little harder (fitness and skill wise), gradually challenging riders so by the end of the season they are in the best riding form of their lives.

Provided with a map, inside the forest riders select their own route to complete (in any order) either four or six special ‘Race Stages’.  These are electronically timed runs of roughly 3–20min duration on specific marked linked trails.

On what are commonly known as un-timed transitions, riders may cycle, push their bikes or catch dedicated event shuttle bus transport to the top of hills where the Race Stage starts are located.

There will be a ‘Feed Station’ and ‘Technical Zone’ in a convenient location in the heart of the forest for riders to refuel, plus get assistance with any mechanical repairs required. 

But keep an eye on your watch because you will be given a set time (somewhere between 4hrs–6hrs, depending on the event category entered) to complete the special Race Stages and return back to the finish before you begin to accumulate a time penalty (6 seconds per minute you are late).  
Division podium place-getters will be those riders with the lowest accumulative special Race Stage times, plus any time penalty for late return to the finish. Age division place getters will get podium presentations with prizing and in addition we reward overall Top 3 place getters from the Six Stage Non-Shuttled event with cash prizes.

A carnival atmosphere with great beer, food and music will greet riders at the finish and there is also an enormous bounty of prizes to be given away.

Rotorua Giant 2W Gravity Enduro Series Races
Distinction Rotorua Hotel & Conference CentreRotorua Giant 2W Gravity Enduro Series Races
Distinction Rotorua Hotel & Conference CentreRotorua Giant 2W Gravity Enduro Series Races
Distinction Rotorua Hotel & Conference Centre